Remembered the camera!

Riding weather is here and today I took advantage of it and climbed on the scoot for a full day of wind therapy. No real destination in mind, just a desire for solitude and some long overdue wind therapy. Folks may think Kansas is nothing but long flat roads, they’re absolutely right, but I think that’s one thing I like about living in the middle of nowhere. I can cruise for hours and lose myself in the wind, not worry much about traffic and just crank the tunes and unwind. Some people don’t like music while they’re riding, I’m not one of those people. Music has always been a huge part of my life and having a decent stereo on my Ultra Classic makes the rides that much better. It was a 250 mile day with a stop to see a brother along the way. I couldn’t asked for a better day.

003 (800x600) 005 (800x600) 006 (800x600)

007 (800x600) 008 (800x600)

009 (800x600) 012 (800x600) 013 (800x600) 015 (800x600) 016 (800x600) 017 (800x600) 018 (800x600) 020 (800x600) 022 (800x600)

Remembered the camera!

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