Since it’s a gorgeous spring day and I’m stuck inside recovering from a sinus infection with a side of the the flu, I figured I’d start looking at options for our yearly vacation.

Normally, we take a couple weeks each year and ride to the gulf coast to visit our youngest son and his family where he’s at home-port with the Navy. This year he says they’re coming here to visit so that opens some options.

First things first. Gear check. All my our gear (my wife and I) is good to go, with one exception, a full face helmet for myself. I won’t kid anyone and say that I’m an ATGATT rider. Living in a state where we still have the freedom to choose, a lot of the time I exercise my freedom of choice and enjoy the wind. Then there are times when we head into a large metro area and I’ll have my Bell 3/4 helmet on. However, when we head out on a long multi-state run, the lid is on for the duration. Not just for safety, but to be compliant in helmet mandatory states. One thing I’ve learned on our long runs, a 3/4 lid with a face shield just doesn’t cut it in heavy rain, so this year I’m going with a modular full face. I like the modulars because with glasses they’re easy on, easy off, and if I want a little wind I can just flip the chin bar up. I haven’t chosen one yet so I’ll leave that for another post.

Where to go? So many choices… We’ve done a considerable amount of riding south and east, but you can never ride The Dragon, Cherohala Skyway, or Blue Ridge Parkway too much. I also enjoy visiting and old Army buddy of mine in Kentucky and my wife has an old friend in Georgia that we like to visit as well.

We’ve also ridden north quite a bit. With family in Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota, we’ve explored a bit there as well. There is quite a bit unexplored as well, Iowa has the National Motorcycle Museum, the HD HQ in Milwaukee, and of course just riding around the Great Lakes.

West….Now going west holds a lot of intrigue for me as I’ve never ridden in the Rockies. I think that exploring at least Colorado would be an adventure of epic proportions. So far that is at the top of our list.

How much time to take? We are undecided on this one. While I do have 3 weeks vacation annually, new responsibilities at work will make it difficult to take that much time off all at once. Right now we are leaning towards possibly 2, one week vacations, one at the beginning of summer and one at the end.

In any event, part of the fun for me is planning, so I’ll spend my recovery Sunday doing just that.


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